Hey guys!
Someone asked me about how to protect their site (or somethingg else). So whatever you want to protect this post will be helpful for you.

So the first thing to do is to have Gmail as and e-mail. Gmail is strongly guarded sistem. It will be hard for someone to hack your Gmail.
When you use Gmail set in the settings to be notified every time someone logs in or tries to log in to your mail. In this way you will know that someone is trying to break in to your mail and be able to prevent yourself from being hacked.

Next thing is to set a good pasword. I recommend to put in your password letters and numbers. But don’t make it really long because you will forget it (just like me).
Also don’t write your password on a paper and put it in your phone or have is as a wallpaper. Just try to remmember it.

If you are connected to wi-fi that many people are connected to you might get hacked to. Try not to do that and use data. Someone might hack you and stole your identity. There isn’t much to do about that when they stole it because you can’t get it back and they might sell it to someone. So just try not to be connected to wi-fi that many people use.

Don’t open things that were sended to you by unknown. They are probably link that bring you virus and it just shuts down your laptop/coputer or phone. Don’t open links that were sent to you on Facebook from someone you don’t know as “Hey open this and see what your future is” this is probably virus that reads all your computer passwords and just ruins your sistem.

The biggest thing that can protect you is YOU. Really if you are really carefull what password you put, where you give them, what links you open, what things you donwoald, where you give identity information, what you connect yourself to and more, you will be able to protect yourself your hard work and other things. So it really depends on you.

So i hope i helped someone. If you have some more tips on how to prevent yourself from being hacked please comment bellow and let other people know :)

As always All the love

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